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Before I even explain this week’s post, I want to make sure you check out the gallery of photos. I won’t even be offended if you skip all the reading and go right there.

I had the fortune to get a tour of the training ship Nippon Maru. Here are the particulars of the ship from the International Association of Maritime Universities:

  • Type: Sailing vessel (Four-masted barque)
  • Year of built: 1984
  • Length overall: 110.09 m
  • Gross tonnage: 2,570 ton
  • Engine: 2 diesel engines
  • Capacity: 190(including 120 cadets)persons
  • Owner: National Institute for Sea Training

As it was pointed out to me, I know less than nothing about ships like this (although after the tour I feel like I know at least nothing), so I’ll let you read up on the Nippon Maru on your own. I’d simply like to point out this is the second Nippon Maru, built in 1984, on it’s first trip to Kauai. The original Nippon Maru was a regular visitor to Kauai, and is now a maritime museum permanently docked in Yokohama, Japan after being decommissioned in 1984. Check out the YouTube Video to see the original ship. Around minute nine you can see sail training.

The tour was an amazing experience of Aloha from the Japanese crew. Enjoy the pictures.



Nippon Maru

This photo of the Nippon Maru was taken with a Nikon D750.

See more photos of the Nippon Maru here.


If this is your first visit to the Kauai Photo Challenge, it is my way of sharing my pictures of Kauai while learning more about this beautiful island where I live. You are welcome to comment or share your own pictures.

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Have a great week.

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