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Okay, I know I said I’d resume normal photo blog operation this week, but I totally lied to you. The good news, though, is that I’m crazy busy and not even remotely bored. The weather has been beautiful and I just can’t stay out of the water.

Anyway, this week’s blog (and remember, the original challenge was to post something once a week, I didn’t specify if it would be interesting or not) is more about what I love to do as a photographer, and of course, a bit of advertisement for more photo shoots.

I’m in my happy place when I’m in the water, and even happier when dolphins, turtles, whales, or even sharks stop by to get their picture taken. I have been taking pictures of my friends with the ocean wildlife for years, and this year I made it official to become an actual photographer (I guess that just means taking pictures of people I don’t know, too). I love to take pictures of people being amazed by our beautiful island; sometimes in the water, sometimes wherever.

The following are a few pictures taken recently; two were specifically done for Christmas cards, which I’d like to do more of – ocean Christmas card photos. There’s nothing quite like making all your friends and family jealous in the winter with a picture of you and your family lounging in the ocean on a sunny day.

SUP Family 2

SUP family 1




All of these were taken with a Nikon D750. The water shots used the Nauticam underwater housing.

I think people need more adventure in their lives, and not the same old boring photo shoots where everyone lines up on the beach. To see more interesting adventure photo ideas go to my photoshoot page. And start thinking of what your next family photo should look like.

So that’s my photo sharing for this week, and it’s quite possible I’ll get back to island scenery next Wednesday.

Have a lovely day.


If this is your first visit to the Kauai Photo Challenge, it is my way of sharing my pictures of Kauai while learning more about this beautiful island where I live. You are welcome to comment or share your own pictures.

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