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Green sea turtles, or Honu in Hawaiian, are a fairly common sight in the waters around Kauai, but it wasn’t always that way. In 1978 they were listed as “threatened” under the endangered species act, mainly due to man’s activities in the ocean. Thanks to conservation efforts and strict laws, the population is growing every year.

The Honu was thought to be the Polynesian’s guide to the Hawaiian islands; it is also a protector in mythology, watching over our keiki. As the only native reptile to the islands (still alive – the Hawaiian Skink was declared extinct in 2008), it is even more important to respect these animals and continue the conservation efforts. When you see honu in the ocean or on land, keep your distance and do not touch them. Some are very friendly and will swim with you while others are quite skittish – it’s okay to take pictures and swim nearby, just don’t chase the ones who want to get away.

We are so lucky to have a recovering turtle population around Kauai, but we need to be conscientious of their habitat. Drifting nets, abandoned fishing line, plastics and other trash have a huge impact on these animals. I’ve seen many turtles with fishing line wrapped around their necks or flippers, and one with a hook embedded in it’s skin. Picking up trash on the beaches and in the ocean, even if it is not yours, is a great start.

I spend a lot of time swimming with sea turtles, or honu, and photographing them to get you fun prints for your home or office. Any of the photos in the gallery can be printed on canvas, metal, or acrylic, or as simple matted photos in 5×7 or 11×14 ready for your frame. Not all of them are in my online store yet, so if you love one and would like a print just send me a message!



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Kauai Adventure Photo is an adventure photo company, providing unique portraits for your stay on Kauai – swimming, hiking, surfing – any adventure you can dream of. Nature photos are available in any size, on canvas, acrylic or metal. 

5% of all sales goes to the Kauai Surfrider Foundation to help protect our oceans and beaches. Support this great organization with your purchase.

If you’re on Kauai, stop in at Creative Ohana, Brenneckes Activity Center, or Collection at the Cafe for beautiful prints of the island from Kauai Adventure Photo, along with many other types of local artwork. Kauai Adventure Photo is part of the Kauai Made program, supporting local businesses.

Prints can be ordered online or through the new Etsy store. If you don’t see the exact size you want just send me a message, I’ll make it for you!

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